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For 92 years, Electro‑Voice has designed and engineered leading‑edge sound reinforcement solutions — products that empower the performer, exceed the expectations of the audio professional and elevate the audience experience.

We have a passion for sound quality without compromise that we share with our users. This is built upon generations of hands‑on professional knowledge — all geared towards producing a portfolio of best‑in‑class speakers and microphones that combine performance, reliability and value. Most importantly, our customers trust us to deliver on our deep understanding of what makes good sound. That's the challenge that drives us forward as leaders in the industry we helped create.

Electro‑Voice stands apart as one of the few companies to design all components in‑house — enclosures, waveguides, drivers — ensuring excellent quality for every audio application, from a standalone loudspeaker to a networked sound system. Our products literally speak for themselves: we strive for complete transparency and linearity in our transducers, so the need for external processing is minimized. Ultimately, it's our track record of patents proves the point: we invent, others imitate.

We're devoted to the art and science of audio, always focused upon innovative ways to create a sensory experience that is second to none. We know our users can hear, feel and appreciate the difference. That is why we Live for Sound.

For 92 years, Electro-Voice has designed and engineered sound reinforcement solutions to empower the performer, exceed the expectations of the audio professional, and elevate the audience experience. We have a passion for sound quality without compromise that we share with our users, built upon generations of hands‑on professional knowledge. From its humble beginnings to the international brand it is today, Electro‑Voice has a rich history we'd love to share with you. The following timeline highlights some of the key people and products that are part of our story, along with memorable moments where EV equipment made a difference. Enjoy!


Radio Engineers partnership founded by Al Kahn and Lou Burroughs to service radio receivers, located in the basement of the Century Tire & Rubber Company in South Bend, Indiana. The original investment was $30 and a second‑hand car.


A PA system is designed and built to assist legendary Notre Dame football coach Kntue Rockne at team practices:

"Seated in a specially constructed tower and speaking into a microphone, the noted mentor's caustic remarks will be carried to his team by means of amplifiers which will reach all parts of the practice field."

Rockne refers to the new system as his "electric voice," inspiring the company name. This PA is among the first — if not the first — custom‑made systems of its size, and marks the beginning of a new era in sound reinforcement.

Electro‑Voice incorporates. From Kahn in 1953: "The first block in this new business was the poor quality and high prices of available microphones. Sensing an opportunity, we purchased a lathe and drill press and began making them at the rate of one a week…"

    A portable public address system capable of reaching approximately 300 persons will be manufactured by the Electro‑Voice Manufacturing Company, Inc., which Saturday filed articles of incorporation with the secretary of state in Indianapolis. 
    The incorporators are Albert Kahn and Louis Burroughs, partners in the Radio Engineers, Inc., 119 West Colfax avenue, and Mr. Kahn's father, Maurice L. Kahn, of 1069 Riverside Drive. The new company will manufacture its product on the third floor at 119 West Colfax Avenue, according to Albert Kahn. The incorporation calls for a capital stock of 100 shares at $10 par value.
  2. Rockne to Coach with Amplifiers
    Knute K. Rockne, who has made Notre Dame football teams the talk of the country for many years, will coach his 1930 aggregation "by remote control" as it were, by means of a public address system. Seated in a specially constructed tower and speaking into a microphone, the noted mentor's caustic remarks will be carried to his team by means of amplifiers which will reach all parts of the practice field. Coach Rockne was ill last season and most of the winter and while his physical condition is said to have greatly improved, he is expected carefully to conserve his strength for the arduous duties that will be his this coming fall in whipping another championship team into shape. 
    The apparatus which he will use is the product of Albert R. Kahn and L. R. Burroughs, South Bend young men who are manufacturing and marketing it under the name of the Electro‑Voice Manufacturing Company, Inc. Their headquarters are at 110 West Colfax avenue. They entered into a contract this week with Mr. Rockne to furnish him the paraphernalia in time for the opening of the practice season.


Noise Cancelling microphone production required by the military dramatically increases production at EV. Total production reaches close to one million microphones annually.


EV moves to Buchanan, Michigan, consolidating in one place and setting the stage for entry into a number of consumer audio markets. EV quickly becomes a highly integrated manufacturer, with in‑house tool making, die casting, plating, painting, coil winding, and more.

  1. The Cardax: Cardioid Crystal Microphone 
    FLAT or RISING RESPONSE … as you need it! 
    No need to worry about your microphone, or even to install a filter in your speech amp… when your choice is the Electro‑Voice CARDAX. With dual frequency response and high output in this one microphone, you can use a flat response for clear channel, or rising response to cut thru QRM. Simply adjust the two‑position selector switch on rear of case. When in the "out" position, the frequency response curve is wide and flat. Your voice quality is smooth, rounded and full range. In the "in" position, the curve rises 7 db at 4000 c.p.s., and your signal is sharp, clean, brilliant. Model 950 lists at $37.00. 
    Exclusive E‑V Dual Frequency Response Selector on rear of case, for easy selection of flat or rising response.
    Entirely new design now brings you new flexibility, new beauty, new low cost 
    Complete Adaptability Permits Widest Use in Public Address, Paging, Recording, Communications 
    The CENTURY series heralds a new era of brilliantly engineered and superbly styled low‑cost microphones. Designed for utmost flexibility, it is available in a choice of three generating elements: crystal, dynamic, or carbon. Each provides excellent reproduction and high output. Each gives you exclusive E‑V quality features. Each is top value! 
    Size is 3" x 2 3/16" x 1". Crystal model weighs only 6 ounces. Highest purity diecast metal case, finished in lustrous gray‑brown. 
    The incomparable CENTURY can be used in a variety of ways, as shown. It is the perfect answer for all economical installations. Get full details now! Send for Bulletin No. 137.
  3. In 1946, Lou Burroughs is awarded a special citation from the U.S. War Department for the design and development of the T‑45 lip microphone. By enabling more clear and accurate communications in the field, the T‑45 helped save many lives during WW2.
  4. One of the first anechoic chambers outside of a research laboratory is constructed on site in 1946.
  5. Al Kahn pictured working with electronic equipment.

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