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About PT. SSBI

PT. Sumber Suara Berkat Indonesia (SSBI)


Starting its debut in the Musical Instruments Industry in Indonesia in 2009 by the name of CV. Sumber Suara Bahana, SSBI immediately tried to distribute their own brand, besides other well known brand names. Their first two Brands are ‘Maxtone’ and ‘Power Art’, the products are OEM made by established factories in Indonesia and China.

The products, which is dominated by Sound System and Amplifier equipments gain a very positive response from the Indonesian market, resulting to a birth of two more Brands; ‘T Sound’ and ‘Whysound’ in 2010. The variety also varied more, by providing all kinds of musical instruments, parts and accessories, and other goods related to the field. This was meant to provide almost every need of Music Stores in Indonesia; Which are SSBI’s partners to made their products available for end-users, that’s dominated by music enthusiasts and music professionals.

The biggest step yet was done in the end of 2011, by becoming the sole distributor for Rockwell, Russel, Prince, and Santa Fe Brands, that’s made by PT.Citra Mandiri Perkasa (CMP). The corporation extended in 2012 by making all Guitars, Amplifiers and Passive Speakers at CMP. Not only to strengthen the relationship, but also to provide better assurance of the quality of the products’ being made.

Also in 2012, CV.SSB changed their company’s name and status to PT.SSBI (, that shows their legitimate existence and growth in the Indonesian Musical Instrument Industry.

Since 2010, SSBI has participate in numerous major Musical Instruments Trade Show in Indonesia, by always attending Japex, the biggest annual Trade Show and other events to continue to introduce new products and innovations

SSBI’s network has also expand to every major province and islands in Indonesia, starting from the Jabodetabek Capital Region, West, Central and East Java, all the way to the Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, NTB and even the Papua.

One more notable remark in 2013 was when SSBI managed to Export some of its products to Singapore. Quite an achievement remembering today’s competition among Distributors in Indonesia and in the world.

Stationed at Kokan Permata Blok F 36-38, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara, SSBI is continually trying to improve its capacity, by carrying more variety of products, and increasing their qualities, by continue to listen to the needs of their consumers, and doing the most reliable and professional service, with a goal of not only become Champions in the Indonesian Market, but also worldwide.

Today SSBI are step up become sole distributor with classify our brand as below :

Speakers                                                       = Brand name – SOUND ART

Power Amp, Mixer & Power Mixer           = Brand name – POWER ART

Microphone                                                  = Brand name – SHARE AUDIO

Snake Cable & Cables                                 = Brand name – MAXTONE

Amplifiers                                                      = Brand name – RUSSEL

Guitars                                                           = Brand name – ROCKWELL

Also we distribute the world branded product such as :






For more information about our products, please contact us: Tel. +6221 4585 1368 | +6221 2945 1465 - 7