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EVF 2‑Way Full‑Range Speakers

EVF 2-Way Full-Range Speakers

Compact Front-Loaded Full-Range Systems with 12" & 15" Woofers

  • Seven coverage patterns aid the design process.
  • High maximum SPL output capability with extremely low distortion.
  • All 12" and 15" enclosures and the 18" subwoofer have the same height, promoting attractive clusters.
  • Biampable, but sophisticated internal crossover/EQ networks make cost-saving passive operation very attractive.
  • Available in black or white in one of three versions: EVCoat (interior use), PI (indirect weather exposure) and FG (fiberglass—direct exposure).

The most popular class of loudspeakers for sound reinforcement is full-range two-way systems with 12" or 15" front-loaded woofers. This configuration provides an attractive combination of high performance, modest size and modest cost, particularly appropriate in acoustically well-behaved environments. EVF expands on Electro-Voice’s popular FRi and FRi+ series by adding supplementary low-frequency systems and more coverage patterns, providing a dedicated solution for installed sound applications.

While EVF systems can be biamped, highly sophisticated internal fourth-order EQ/crossover networks provide superb passive performance and eliminate the need for digital signal processing and multiple amplifier channels.


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